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A little time for Confession

As not many people have posted anything on this community for a long time i thought i would break the silence. I would like to say I am keeping up with my dharma practice but unfortunately a lot has got in the way of this. Over the last few months on the few occasuions that i have met up with one of my closest friends back home he has denounced my interest in philosophy because in his view it would 'harm my chances with girls'. Well, that's none of his business! I have already told him i have no interest in girls but still he would not listen. And all i wanted was to discuss views and ideas in philosophy with him because he seemed like someone i could talk to (in person) about these things that were of great curiosity to me. Therefore i feel demoralised every time i think about the one thing about me that i feel i'm an expert in. As if i haven't got enough on my plate! :(
Also the fact that I have been considerably reclusive over the last few years means that I would like to catch up on missed culture and social life so i have found less and less time to pursue my spirituality and i suppose laziness has a large part. Additionally, my mood hasn't been brilliant lately so there is even less enthusiasm. Therefore, on this evening, Halloween (All Saints' Eve), I would like to say a little prayer to all purified beings that my sense of moral purpose will improve and I will be able to continue pursuing my dharma in ideal comfort *prays*...
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